The latest from Professor Elliot’s projects

Here are the most recent things to be created under the Professor Elliot name

  • Sir Joseph Lister, Bt. and Listerine

    Listerine is an antiseptic mouthwash, but where does the name originate? It is named for a person: Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, also known as the Father of Modern Surgery. Until he entered the field of medicine, the popular theory of infection was not due to bacteria but “bad […]

  • A Cursed Tablet

    Archaeologists in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia, uncovered a lead scroll in 1986 within an ancient grave. The translation would reveal a curse in Ancient Macedonian from the 4th century BCE. But the curse itself, while interesting, had little impact compared to the impact of the language […]

  • A Surprising Slurp

    On an early September morning in 1995, an unusual discovery was made at a Hindu temple in south New Delhi. As a worshiper brought a spoonful of milk to the trunk of Ganesha, the milk disappeared! It appeared that the statue of the elephant-headed deity had drank the offering […]

  • Ships in the Gladiator Ring

    Ancient Rome saw gladiatorial combat on a regular basis. Battle for entertainment was a regular staple of the era. In 46 BCE, Julius Caesar decided to up the ante. 6,000 prisoners of war were placed in ships to fight against one another in a massive staging of naval battle. This was only the […]

  • Adventure to Hart Canyon Rendezvous

    Where were Elliot and Kristaan during last week’s episode of Fantastic Feasts & Where to Find Them? They went to Rendezvous! Worky Worky by Andy G. Cohen is licensed under a Attribution License.… Follow Professor Elliot on Facebook! […]

  • Early Experiments with LSD

    In its early days, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) was exclusive to labs. In fact, many of the early experiments were by doctors themselves, not patients. It wasn’t until 1966 that LSD became illegal in California (23 years after its psychedelic properties had been discovered), so there were […]

  • Animal-borne Bombs

    During World War II, weapons research led to some strange places (bouncing bombs anyone?). In addition to creating to new weapons, teams were attempting to find ways to attack without tipping off the enemy that bombs were en route. Enter: animal-borne bombs. One prominent failure of an innovation, […]

  • A Lesson in Reclaiming Waste

    In the late 1980s, Mike Yurosek was frustrated. He was a carrot farmer who had to discard 400 tons of carrots every day because they were not “just right”. Carrots that were broken, twisted, slightly bruised, or otherwise imperfect simply wouldn’t sell in stores. Buyers were so […]