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Document the obscure

If there’s one commonality between Professor Elliot’s projects, it is those words. There are things that are not well known, but also don’t deserve to be forgotten. Facts about strange creatures’ physiology, languages from dying cultures, artworks in danger of being destroyed… these are all things I’m interested in researching and sharing so they won’t be lost forever.

Professor Elliot’s mission is to document the obscure. The proprietors believe that an object, story, culture, or location shouldn’t be forgotten just because it is obscure. Through different projects, Professor Elliot hopes to preserve these subjects for future generations.

The projects are completed through a variety of mediums including, but not limited to videos, photos, audio recordings, and articles. Depending on what is being documented, one or more of these tools may be used.

A large goal for Professor Elliot is to encourage its audience to expand their knowledge of the world around them. A firm belief that everything has a story behind it pushes Professor Elliot to find said stories.

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